Merchandise allowed when arriving to Mexico

Personal baggage

Passengers are allowed to bring, free of duty, merchandise in their personal luggage when entering the country.

Ask the customs officers for the list of merchandise allowed or visit the SAT Customs web site.

Qué mercancía puedes ingresar Qué mercancía puedes ingresar

Duty-free allowance

Duty-free allowance is a tax exemption granted by the Mexican Government to a national or foreign passenger for certain merchandise he is bringing in Mexico.

  • Passengers entering Mexico by land are allowed to import merchandise additional to their baggage for up to $300.00 USD.*

  • Persons that reside in the north border are allowed to import merchandise for up to $150.00 USD.*

  • During holiday periods –Easter, Summer, Christmas, New Year-, passengers may import up to $500.00 USD.*1

  • Passengers entering Mexico by air or a maritime port may import up to $500.00 USD.

*USD or the equivalent in other currencies.

1 - Applicable to Mexican passengers entering Mexico by land and to persons living in the north border only.

Carrying cash or bearer negotiable instruments is legal. However, failing to declare it is a violation to the Mexican Laws and punishable by administrative penalties when the total amount exceeds $10,000 USD, and by imprisonment when it exceeds $30,000 USD.

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For guidance from US and Canada Toll-free number: 1 877 44 88 728. Or from anywhere in Mexico at 01 55 627 22 728 (MarcaSAT).

For further online information, please scan this code.

NOTE: This information is for guidance purposes only.

Rules and regulations to import weapons

Importing weapons, ammunition, cartridges, explosives and related chemical substances to Mexico requires the appropriate permits. Failure to obtain such permit may be deemed as an offense and may even be punishable by imprisonment.

Please refer to the rules and regulations to import weapons found in the SAT Customs and the National Defense Secretariat web sites:

NOTE: This information is for guidance purposes only.

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