Temporary vehicle importation permit

If you are to request a temporary vehicle importation permit, please take the following into account:

The temporary vehicle importation permit costs.

Temporary vehicle importation permit Temporary vehicle importation permit

CIITEV module located at customs gates of entry to Mexico
$51 USD + taxes
Cash, credit or debit international card
Mexican Consulates located at the United States of America in Chicago, Illinois; Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston, Texas; Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Sacramento, California; Albuquerque, Nuevo Mexico; Denver, Colorado, and in Phoenix, Arizona
Credit or debit international card
$45 USD + taxes
Credit international card

+ VAT, regardless of where you request it (at the border, consulate or online). In all cases, regardless of the payment method (cash or credit card), you should pay a deposit, which amount depends on the (year) model, according to the following table:

If fail to return the vehicle before the permit deadline, the deposit will not be refundable and, thus, granted to the Department of the Treasury.

Before issuing a temporary vehicle importation permit, Banjercito (Military Bank) will look for theft, accident and restriction reports against the vehicle in the USA and Canada. If a report against the vehicle were to be found, the temporary vehicle importation permit will be denied.

When requesting a temporary vehicle importation permit, you shall verify that vehicle information (brand, year model, VIN code, expiration date, etc.) has been correctly recorded.

As a foreigner, the expiration date of your permit will be the same as that of your immigration status, including its continuous renewals provided that they are sequential. Bear in mind that you need to submit your notice to the Customs Office within 15 days of the date of the immigration document renewal, for you to be entitled to have your permit deposit reimbursed.

If your vehicle was stolen or had an accident in Mexico or the USA, or if it was sold or traded in the USA or Canada, you must request the cancellation of your temporary vehicle importation permit at the Mexican Customs Administration HQ located in:

Av. Hidalgo núm. 77, módulo IV, primer piso, Col. Guerrero, Deleg. Cuauhtémoc, 06300, México, D. F.

SAT [Tax Administration Service] Customs are the new gates to Mexico
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For guidance from US and Canada Toll-free number: 1 877 44 88 728. Or from anywhere in Mexico at 01 55 627 22 728 (MarcaSAT).

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NOTE: This information is for guidance purposes only.

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